The Remnant

Well, here we are again. Sorry to all two people who read this blog. But wait, I have excuses! I went to Alaska about a week after school let out, and right afterwards I had a family reunion a couple hundred miles away. I've been kind of busy, in other words. But the good news… Continue reading The Remnant


Upload Schedule

Here's an upload schedule for my blog! (Yes, I'll never keep to it. Who cares?   Monday: Recommendations (things that I like and think you'll enjoy) Wednesday: Miscellaneous (stuff that doesn't fit in the other categories) Friday: Tributes (honouring a figure from the past whose birthday falls on that day)

A New Venture

Calling all...Aesthusini? Aesthuso? I'm embarking on a new venture (maybe kinda). I might possibly be creating a YouTube channel, and I need help. A lot of help. If you are in any way a nerd, you know about CrashCourse. Basically, I'm doing something like that. My plans are to have series such as Welcome to ______ (a… Continue reading A New Venture