The Remnant

Well, here we are again. Sorry to all two people who read this blog. But wait, I have excuses! I went to Alaska about a week after school let out, and right afterwards I had a family reunion a couple hundred miles away. I've been kind of busy, in other words. But the good news… Continue reading The Remnant


RW #7 – TheOdd1sOut

Welcome back to Recommendations of the Week! This week, I recommend The Odd 1's Out. The Odd 1's Out is a comic created by James Nolastname, know what? There's already a really great explanation on YouTube of it, so go check that out: The History of TheOdd1sOut Sorry for the lax description, but I have… Continue reading RW #7 – TheOdd1sOut

Upload Schedule

Here's an upload schedule for my blog! (Yes, I'll never keep to it. Who cares?   Monday: Recommendations (things that I like and think you'll enjoy) Wednesday: Miscellaneous (stuff that doesn't fit in the other categories) Friday: Tributes (honouring a figure from the past whose birthday falls on that day)